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These articles could literally be the difference between just some minor headaches and a repeating pulsing migraine for issues that come up with parents and players!

If you don’t manage this stuff properly, it can drive you out of coaching. It’s probably the #1 reason coaches quit or get fired. And it’s not even performance related.

Over the last few years, Nate Sanderson shared a new method on how to interact and create a better, more positive culture with parents.

People liked the message so much that it immediately went viral.

If you want to engage with parents instead of battling them…

If you want to diffuse conflict by building relationships…

If you want to give parents an opportunity to provide feedback into the kind of experience they want their child to have in sports...

Then you need to check this out.

I believe this can be a game-changer for your program.

How I Stopped "Dealing" With Parents

Also, another thing that Nate mentions in the article is a player manual.

The player manual is an outstanding example of how to communicate your philosophy, expectations, guidelines, procedures, etc. with parents and players at the start of the season.

It is not only a look inside Nate Sanderson’s program but also could serve as a template for coaches searching for ways to best communicate about their program in writing.

So Nate set up a page where you can access the player manual. Check it out:

Player Manual - Philosophy, Guidelines, Procedures, etc.

More about two-time state champion coach Nate Sanderson!

Nate has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, especially since releasing this game-changing approach to working with parents.

He has been in demand for podcasts, coaching clinics, and consulting. Here are a few organizations that he’s worked with:

USA Olympic Committee, USA Football, ESPN Radio, Iowa Basketball Coaches Association, Iowa High School Girls Athletic Union, Changing The Game Project, Hardwood Hustle, Way of Champions, Ignite Hoops, PGC/Glazier Coaching Clinics, Athletic Management Magazine, and More!

And rightfully so, he is one of the brightest coaches I’ve ever met.

When Nate took his first job, the school was on a 33 game losing streak. He took the same program and set the school record for wins in 3 straight seasons.

He also won back to back state championships in 2016 and 2017 while making another state championship game appearance in 2015.

So he knows a little bit about creating a great team culture, developing a program, and coaching.

Anyways, if you want to improve your coaching you should definitely take a look at Nate’s coaching resources. He has more podcasts, game film, future speaking engagements, and more on this page:


- Joe Haefner

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