For our X’s and O’s coaches, here is a great video showing how to beat a 2-3 zone defense with side ball screens.

All high school, college, and even pro coaches could pick something up here.

We diagrammed everything, so you can easily understand everything that is happening in the video.

How To Use Side Ball Screens To Beat A 2-3 Zone Defense - Video And 14 Diagrams

These tips could easily add 10 to 20 points to your offense by the end of the season. I know that may sound a bit ridiculous at first.

But I have personally implemented these tips and drills that are in the article. So I know that it will work with your youth teams and middle school teams.

You can even use these tips with your high school teams because I have.

3 Things On Offense EVERY YOUTH Coach Should Teach

This article is probably more important than any basketball article we could ever write. It talks about a real problem that can occur with athletes that can cause depression and lead to struggles even as an adult.

So, us coaches have a responsibility to address this issue with our players. That way, they can have better lives.

Charlie Miller hits the nail on the head with this piece. Check it out.

Your Athletes And The Pedestal Disorder

- Joe Haefner & Jeff Haefner
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