This is a great tip for 2-3 zone defenses. In fact, it probably works for all types of zone defenses.

It’s guaranteed to decrease your opponent’s scoring and lower their shooting percentage.

It will frustrate your opponents so much that they will start shooting contested, 25-foot shots. How do I know this? I’ve seen it dozens of times in person. My own teams even did it against this coach.

Check it out. It could change the way that you teach your zone defense.

A Sneaky 2-3 Zone Defense Tip - Stops 3-Point Shooting

20% Discount Expires Soon: Al Marshall’s 2-3 Zone Defense - “The Defense Your Opponents Will Hate”

This could dramatically improve your defense and help you win a lot more games.

Al Marshall led the state in defensive field goal percentage for 6 straight years using this step by step process. This includes the exact drills and practice plans.

If you want the entire blueprint to teaching a 2-3 zone defense, check it out:

Al Marshall's Aggressive 2-3 Zone Defense "The Defense Your Opponents Will Hate!"

Team Wins Back-to-Back State Championships With Marshall’s Zone Defense

Last year, Breakthrough’s Nate Sanderson won his 2nd straight state championship using this defense. In fact, he led the state in defensive scoring at 27.6 PPG!

During the state tournament, Sanderson’s Springville Orioles held opponents to 28 points BELOW their scoring average.

FOURTH STRAIGHT state tournament appearance from a small public school that can’t recruit!

And even though Al Marshall retired in 2016, his former assistant Jacob Brindle led the Cascade Cougars to their fourth straight state tournament.

And yet again, they led the state in defensive scoring!

That’s pretty amazing considering they lost five of six players that played in the state championship game the year before. And their hall of fame coach Al Marshall retired the year before.

They finished the year 22-3 with only one returning contributor from the year before.

This is partly why we believe this step-by-step system that Al Marshall created is so effective.

If you’re interested, take a look.

Al Marshall's Aggressive 2-3 Zone Defense "The Defense Your Opponents Will Hate!"

- Joe Haefner & Jeff Haefner
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