Hey, this is a personal message from Joe Haefner...

I’m 5’10 with alligator arms. My wife is 5’3. I have two boys that are 2 ½ and 4 years old.

They’re probably not going to have that height and length that most elite basketball players possess.

So in order to even play at the high school level, they’re going to need to be very skilled.

And they’re going to need some additional help...

That’s why I want all youth coaches to play entirely zone defense. In a best case scenario, they do all of the other shenanigans... Only play the best players, run a bunch of high ball screens, spend tons of practice time running set plays, etc.

Now, I know if youth coaches do this, the kids on their team won’t develop skills as quickly.

So now I know that my kids will have a better chance to play.

YES! I’m Kidding… kind of.

Anybody who has been following us since 2006 knows that we preach teaching things that will give youth players the best chance to succeed at the next level.

We believe it’s important to develop technical skills, develop decision-making skills, play man to man defense, and learn universal offensive concepts that apply to any offense. We believe this should be the focus of every youth coach.

I believe there is a time and place to teach zone offensive and defensive concepts... it's just not at the youth level.

Also… this is not a judgment. I played zone defense earlier in my coaching career. However, I believe it was a mistake.

If you disagreeplease read the following article as it gives a more in-depth analysis and addresses more issues.

And please give us your comments and feedback on the article. We love to discuss this topic and share our thoughts.


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I know what you’re thinking… of course, he hates zone defenses at the youth level... he wants me to buy a video about man to man defense.

We also have zone defense videos that we could sell, so that’s not the reasoning. Actually, it’d be easier to sell the zone defense videos because you would see more wins with less work. But as they say… nothing good comes easy. And when the kids reach high school, you will probably start to see the negative aspects.

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Joe Haefner
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