The Euro step, also called the side step, is a great finishing move for your players to have in their arsenal. Players like James Harden and Kevin Durant excel at this move at the NBA level.

This move helps your players evade defenders that slide over to take a charge. It also helps your players throw off the timing of an approaching shot blocker.

By having the ability to slither by defenders and find narrow lanes, this creates more scoring opportunities for your team. As a coach, you know that this happens either directly from attacking the hoop or an extra pass or two to an open teammate for a high percentage shot.

Also, there are step-by-step instructions and breakdown drills, so almost any of your players can learn how to execute this move.

James Harden Euro Move - Breakdown Drills and Step By Step Instruction

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Additionally, you get 14 competitive finishing drills. That way, your players can practice the new finishing moves against live defenders. This improves your ability to execute the moves during games and score more points.

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Next Level Finishing Moves with Jim Huber

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