Here are three new articles for you to check out.

#1 - The first article could be the most important article. It shows you how to immediately connect with players, so you can better teach them, motivate them, and even impact their lives in a positive manner outside of basketball.

This Simple Tactic Dramatically Improves Relationships With Players and Helps You Motivate Them

#2 - The second article shows you a video of 17 different types of screens that you can use with your offense. This teaches you new ways to get your players more open shots and score more points. It also helps speed up communication and understanding.

17 Basketball Screens For Your Offense

#3 - This third article educates parents on how to help their children become better basketball players. We think this article hits some critical issues on the head. Take a look. And if you want, forward it to some of the parents in your program.

Important for Parents: The Difference Between Highlight Moves that Do NOTHING and Essential Skills that Make You Better

Summer Basketball Camp Sale - Save $15 Until Sunday!

Also, just a reminder that we’re having a summer sale for our basketball camps.

You can save $15 until Sunday, June 4th.

Use promo code SUMMER on the checkout page.

To view all of our camps, check out our summer basketball schedule.

Also, please forward this to any player, parent, or coach that may be interested.


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