Be sure to read this email first. It will help you tremendously when you watch the dribble moves video at the bottom of the email.

The first step to developing great dribble moves isn’t complex at all. It’s actually quite simple!

First, you spend your time mastering one move!

I know that this sounds counterintuitive. If you want to have great dribble moves, shouldn’t you practice a bunch of different moves? That way, you have many weapons at your disposal.

But here’s why...

If you want to be truly great at anything, you don’t have the time nor the energy to master everything. And if you do try to master everything, you won’t become great at anything.

And who is harder to guard; the player who has one dribble move that is nearly unstoppable or the player who is average at a bunch of different moves?

Think about James Harden...

He got so good at driving to the left that defenders are literally standing on the left side of James Harden forcing him to go right. That’s an unbelievable advantage to have a wide open driving lane whenever you want!


So here’s what you need to do...

1 - You find a dribble move that is effective and that you’re comfortable doing.

2 - You get really good at the dribble move. You should spend 50% to 75% of your time on this dribble move during the ball handling portion of your workout.

You want to become so skilled at this dribble move that defenders have to pre-mediate and position themselves to stop the move.

3 - After you master one dribble move, pick a counter move that complements your dribble move. So now, you might allocate your practice time for dribble moves like this…

1/3 of time - Primary Dribble Move
1/3 of time - Counter Dribble Move
1/3 of time - Other Dribbling Moves and Skills

This is the first step to becoming a great ball handler!

Now, here is a great video that shows you three simple, yet highly effective dribble moves. Then it shows you a counter move to each dribble move. This should help you with selecting moves to practice.

3 Simple Dribble Moves THAT WORK! (And Counter Moves)



We hope this helps and let us know if you need anything else!


- Joe Haefner
Breakthrough Basketball


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