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1 - New article called Klay’s Superhuman Night and A Surprising 19% NBA Study.

There is no doubt that this article shows you how to dramatically improve your shooting drills and workouts. It also helps you improve faster and play better during games.

And below, you will see how these concepts align perfectly with Klay Thompson’s superhuman performance when he dropped 60 points in just 29 minutes.

2 - $50 Discount Expires Today Sunday, April 2nd for… Attack & Counter Player Development System

There are over 50 drills and step-by-step instruction on how to teach the system.

We also have some reviews on the Attack & Counter Player Development System.

David from Strathdale, Australia says... (5-Star Rating)

This DVD package is absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much. I am pleased to provide a recommendation to this package. It is easy to watch. Very easy to understand.

So far, I have only watched the first disk - Parts 1-4. (5 times) to absorb it, and have immediately implemented it into my training. The response from my team was fantastic. There is excitement at training. Behavior and effort has improved 100%. Thank you.

Pat from Harrisburg, OR says... (5-Star Rating)

I took my daughter to an Attack and Counter camp this summer. She was able to immediately apply some of these skills in her game. The missing component, however, was in remembering the volume of skills taught and being able to relearn and reinforce those skills. The DVD set does exactly that for us. This is an excellent product and I recommend budding and experienced coaches and players purchase the set.

Steron in Dallas,Tx from waxahachie, TX says... (5-Star Rating)

This DVD package has really helped me show my son how to be efficient on the court. We had the privilege to go to one of his camps. All I have to say is that Coach Don is Beast...

The discount ends today:


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