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Here is the fourth article in the education series on the Attack & Counter Skill Development System.

In this article, you will find...
  • Neocortex, Limbic System, and Making Your Skills Automatic
  • How Freeing Your Neocortex Unleashes Creativity and Enhances Problem Solving
  • Why The Attack & Counter System Gets You There Quicker and Ramps It Up Another Notch!

The Secret To Steph Curry’s Crazy Move That Left Steve Kerr Shaking His Head & How To Unleash Your Creativity

Son Transforms Into Conference Player of the Year and 1st Team All State With Don Kelbick’s Attack & Counter Skill Development System

Here is a testimonial from Troy Slavin about how Don impacted his son Nic’s game.

"Don Kelbick changed my son's life. He was the man that made him dangerous. Don literally changed the path of his life by altering the way he thought on the basketball court. He freed my son's mind so he could play decisively every time he caught the ball. He went from being one of the heard of youth basketball players, kids that look robotic running an offense, kids that you can literally see "thinking" and struggling on the court, to actually "playing" basketball and becoming a threat every time he got a touch.

My son had been to a ton of camps that had created skills that you could see in practice, but Don's Attack and Counter Camp was THE camp that finally allowed my son to unleash those skills in actual games. It was like 3 days with Yoda teaching young master Luke to unleash the Force within! Powerful stuff, from a master teacher. My son was slow, skinny, indecisive as a freshman at that camp. He was all state this year as a Senior and POY in his conference and I absolutely promise you none of that would have happened had I not taken him to see Don. The powerful lesson that changed his life? He learned how to free his mind on the court and become dangerous every time he caught the ball. That's the genius of Don Kelbick."

- Troy Slavin

For those of you that have watched the Attack & Counter videos, Troy’s son Nic is one of the little 9th graders in the video.

On a side note, the other little guy in the video named Jacob had a 50-point game this year and committed to play at Richmond University.

Here is a picture of Jacob and Nic with Don during the Attack & Counter video shoot a few years ago.

Also, if you didn’t notice yet, we’re having a special $50 discount for The Attack & Counter Player Development System. The discount ends this Sunday, April 2nd.


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