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Want better players in your program!? 42 Essential Youth Skills & Decision-Making Camps

Unfortunately, there is a reason for the saying, “You can’t be a prophet in your own land.”

You can teach all of the right things. For whatever reason, some things don’t sink in until an outside person comes in and teaches the same things. In addition to receiving great teaching, that’s why many parents and coaches send their players to our camps. And that’s why many programs host us.

Over 35,000 coaches and parents have sent players to our camps since 2014.

And one of our best camps for developing better youth and middle school players for your program is the Essential Youth Skills & Decision-Making Camps.

We focus on the essential skills of ball handling, passing, footwork, and shooting. We also teach players essential decision-making skills such as how to...cut & screen, move without the ball, and play defense.

Our goal is to give them all of the necessary tools to become a really good youth and high school player.

Many coaches and parents attend the camps as well. They come to find new ideas and drills, so we encourage you to as well.

“The instructions were clear, and the drills were applicable to each age range. The coaches were amazing, and both days were run to the minute. Best camp we have ever been to. I really appreciated all the effort from the coaches. Being able to make their way around to each court and comment on each player over the past few days was really cool. The message at the end was also appreciated. Thanks for everyone who was a part of this camp!

- Jake Stiles - Lafayette Essential Youth Skills Camp

“Excellent overall content from coaches, drills and life skills with the ending session recap conversations. It was refreshing to see & participate in a camp that focuses on fundamentals, fundamentals & more fundamentals. With so much focus placed on winning within youth sports today, this is an area that is often left behind within the development with kids."

- Coach Paul Sorce - Chatham, Illinois Essential Youth Skills camp

There are over 40 locations in North America and X have sold out!

Some of our spring camps are starting soon.

And you can get a 20% early-bird discount on our summer camps until Sunday, April 15th.

Check out the schedule here:

Essential Youth Skills & Decision-Making Camps


- Joe Haefner & Jeff Haefner
Breakthrough Basketball Coaching

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