This has been one of my most frequently used drills (with 6th grade boys and 8th grade girls).

I rarely used this drill in the past, but this year, I started using the drill more often — and I really like it!!

It’s a “multi purpose” drill that...

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Question & Answer: Offense - Don’t Go Beyond the Three Point Line?

In the video and article, How To: 2 UNSTOPPABLE Ways To Get Open For More Shots (With 3 Drill Progressions), a reader asked this question.

Hi Joe,
Great article! Just a point of clarification. When you discuss the back door cut when overplayed you said, “I don’t want my players to go past the 3-point line” what exactly do you mean? I assume for spacing you want the players to set up outside the line?

Joe Haefner’s Response:

A tendency for some players is when they're not open on the perimeter or 3-point line area, they will drift towards half court. This creates a lot of stagnation for the offense. It also makes it much easier for the defense to guard you.

So when they cut to a spot to get open on the perimeter, I don't want them going more than two or three feet beyond the 3-point line. If they are overplayed at this point, I tell them to cut backdoor.

It's also a mentality thing. I always want my players to be on the attack.

You could also use the defender as a point of reference. Any time the defender is on the 3-point line or beyond, go backdoor.

You could also give them the option to go screen for somebody when they are overplayed.

On your second question, you are correct. There would be an imaginary line about 2 or 3 feet behind the line. However, you might have some players that you don't want going to the 3-point line. They aren't a threat that far from the basket. So you could tweak rules for individual players as well.

With players under the age of 12, you might literally use the 3-point line as a reference.



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