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Announcements and Reminders:

We also wanted to remind about the discount for Bob Bigelow’s videos on Coaching Youth Basketball and Coaching Middle School Basketball.

This discount ends today Friday, January 20th.

Also, here is a little guidance on which set to look at.

Coaching Youth Basketball

These DVDs are geared specifically for beginners in 1st to 4th grade (6 to 10 year olds). However, some beginners for 5th & 6th grade will find value in these DVDs as well.

There are over 60 drill variations in this DVD set.

Coaching Middle School Basketball

These DVDs are geared for 5th to 8th graders (10 to 14 year olds). However, some intermediate and advanced 4th grade teams will find value in these DVDs.

There are over 50 drill variations in this DVD set.


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