This is a great drill to improve your ability to shoot off the dribble. This is geared towards players with an intermediate to advanced skill set.

This helps you speed up the pick up process and get into your shot quicker. This also means that you have more time to get your shot off against the defense. This means you get more high percentage shot opportunities.

Additionally, the dribble move aspect in this drill provides a...

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Also, if you have players who have the potential to be a good playmaker, we advise you to check out our Elite Guard Camps. Even though it’s called the Elite Guard Camp, it’s for any player regardless of position.

It improves your mentality (on the court and beyond the court). You learn the critical skill set that it takes to become an elite player... no fluff! And it shows you what it takes to have an elite basketball IQ. You learn how to play the game. Not to mention, you learn how to defend, so you can lockdown the other team’s best players!


Coach “Would recommend it 100x over.”

“I liked pretty much everything! For a 3 day camp I was impressed. Every day was the same, high energy, high intensity. The lead instructor not only told them and showed them what to do but when they broke it down into smaller groups with the other coaches he went around watching and correcting and applauding the kids, asking their names, interacting with them, I was absolutely impressed. And the life lessons on top of it all... Great job! I wish we could do team camps with you.
My kids thoroughly enjoyed the camp even tho they were sore and tired every day. Best camp I've ever signed them up for. Would recommend it 100x over. Already looking forward to signing my kids up next year!”
- Coach Jorgensen - Alexandria, Minnesota Elite Guard Camp


“Coached 35 years… this was a great camp”

“I’ve coached for 35 years. Taught many camps. This was a great camp. The coaches especially Kyle worked with the kids and demonstrated the proper way it should be done. Kyle really broke things down and explained them well. Very good teacher. His enthusiasm was awesome as well. Great fundamental camp!”
- Coach Veal - Louisville, Kentucky Elite Guard Camp


You can see the entire Elite Guard Camp Schedule across North America. If you’re looking for other camps, just scroll to the top of the page.


- Joe Haefner
Breakthrough Basketball


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