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One of the best motion offense drills that you will find (even during games)
This competitive motion offense drill teaches your players how to attack & come off screens, how to cut & move to get open, and how to make good decisions and take good shots. They also learn how to create shots for others, how and when to set screens on and off the ball, how to create space, when to clear out, and how to recognize “Gretzky” opportunities where an extra pass is needed. As you will read below with the “Get” series, it’s also a great tool to use during games...

Yes. I play my favorites.
Our “favorites” article was actually published over a year ago, but we realized that we didn’t include it in the newsletter. Make sure to actually read the content of the article and not just the headline of the article. This is not about favorites in regards to playing politics with teams.

New podcast: A blueprint for building a program with Kevin Thomas (And coaching lessons learned playing for 1,200 win Gene Bess)
Coach Thomas applied the principles he learned playing for college basketball’s all-time winningest coach Gene Bess with 1,243 wins. He took over a struggling 4 and 24 program and turned it into a nationally ranked program in three years...


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