Where To Look When Shooting?
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Author:  Rick Penny [ 03 Oct 2016, 14:56 ]
Post subject:  Where To Look When Shooting?

Is there a BEST place to look when shooting, e.g., front rim, back rim, middle of the basket, the ball itself, or does it matter? Opinions are varied on the subject.

I prefer the front of the rim. When working with students individually or at clinics, I suggest they look there until the ball either goes in or misses. Why?

Experience has shown this creates better concentration, thus more made baskets. Focusing on your target is often overlooked when it comes to shooting instruction. I'm not talking casual focus, but that of a laser beam.

Anytime I notice students looking up at the ball after the release I suggest they try focusing on the front of the rim in the manner stated earlier. Like clockwork, more shots go in because of better concentration.

This simple adjustment works wonders. I've seen it improve student after student and most of all they see an immediate difference.

Rick Penny

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