Travel calls with jump stop
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Author:  edge_coe [ 23 Feb 2016, 14:16 ]
Post subject:  Travel calls with jump stop

Hello Coach,

after watching Melissa Dixon videos on youtube i decided to try the jump stop footwork for shooting.
During practice, spinning the ball to myself to simulate a pass i´m able to catch the ball in the air, land and shoot, but in games when the pass is not perfect which is often, i feel the need to catch the pass with at least one foot ( many times both) landed on the floor then jump, land and shoot, I´ve been called for travels because of that (FIBA rules here)
I´ve watched game videos of other pro players in slow motion, including Melissa Dixon and Stephen Curry and many times they do that when catching a pass with jump stop (they receive the ball on the floor then jump stop). It seems to me that the few exceptions i saw, when they did it textbook (Catch in the air, land and shoot) were when the pass was perfectly timed.
I´ve not had calls utilizing 1-2 footwork but even with it i´ve noticed that on the move (specially coming of screens) i don´t catch with the pivot foot established as it´s said it should be done. To me it feels better catching with outside foot on the floor then inside foot lands and becomes the pivot foot. Again i checked videos of pro players in slow mo and in the majority of clips they did that the same way as i. Maybe with 1-2 footwork it is harder to notice when the player doesn´t catch with the pivot foot established
Also, i´ve heard that it´s legal to catch the ball on the floor then jumpstop, but one should shoot or pass after that, dribbling or pivoting would no longer be an option

Author:  Rick Penny [ 26 Feb 2016, 17:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Travel calls with jump stop


Unfortunately, bad passes make it near impossible to perform a Jump Stop like Melissa Dixon. When that occurs players must quickly adjust by using a 1-2 step in order to gain balance and to keep from traveling.

What you described sounds good as I believe your understanding of footwork is solid. Bottom line is to make a move without giving the referee any reason to call traveling. Knowing how to utilize both the Jump Stop and 1-2 step is critical.

Rick Penny

Author:  officemanager3514 [ 02 May 2016, 14:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Travel calls with jump stop

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