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Author:  info605 [ 04 Dec 2019, 16:48 ]
Post subject:  Press rotation

I am running this uptempo with our 7th grade boys team, it has been working really well, but now that we are seeing teams a second or 3rd time, they are finding ways to break the press. I am having a hard time with a team that gets it into one of the 2 up, then flashes someone to the middle in front of mid court. What would be the best solution to slow it down to get a later trap? Our rotations don't seem to be able to keep up once the ball hits the mid court.

They are basically running 2 up and 2 at mid court.


Author:  JeffHaefner [ 06 Dec 2019, 13:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Press rotation

This might sound over-simplistic but I generally combat that by not allowing the ball to get to the middle of the court. We make sure to emphasize denying the cutter to the middle. It's the same concept playing half court defense... we deny all cuts to the ball and do not want the ball in the paint.

Like you said, once the ball gets to the middle... it's tough to get trapping opportunities. Beyond that, regarding Haske rules... players need to sprint to get ahead of the ball when it's passed ahead. (Move on the flight of the ball... as it leaves the passers finger tips).

Maybe other coaches have other ways to deal with it but that's the only good options I know of. Don't let it get passed ahead to the middle.

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