Doubling opponents pt guard
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Author:  chdsolberg [ 22 Dec 2014, 23:21 ]
Post subject:  Doubling opponents pt guard

My team has implemented your press system this year and it has worked real well so far. I like to double other teams pt guard and not let him have the ball and if he does get it we double him until he gives it up. What do you do if pt inbounds ball and then gets ball right back? Who do you double with? If you bring guards defender that stacked at free throw line over then it usually pass right back to him and then it is a run out. I'd appreciate any help

Author:  khaske [ 15 Jan 2015, 12:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Doubling opponents pt guard

The gold press works well when teams run the in Bounder through because it puts another player in the middle. When we play our Z press I sent 2 and 3 at the point guard. Our 1 plays the first pass out out of the trap and our least athletic 2 or 3 runs back to help side. Our 3 stars and face guards the poit guard. Coach Haske

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