Attack and Counter Practice Plan/Progression
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Author:  artboi [ 22 Jun 2018, 10:38 ]
Post subject:  Attack and Counter Practice Plan/Progression

Don, My daughter Maya and I attended camp this past weekend. She as a camper and me as a coach working one of the stations. Thanks again for a great camp. My daughter said it was the hardest camp that she's done (in her12 years on the planet). She said that she would definitely do another one. Hopefully this gets to you as I stupidly didn't grab your email on Sunday.

Question: I'm interested in taking my team to the next level. They are capable and I now realize that I was setting expectations too low. They are capable of way more than I gave them credit for. I ran a simple motion offense that I used elements of your motion offense video for. I'd like to introduce the entire team to the Attack and counter concepts that my daughter and I worked on this weekend. Does the Attack and Counter video cover the drill progressions that we did in camp building up to the kids PLAYING? That was super understandable in those bite sized chunks, My intention is to rely A LOT less on set plays and teach the kids to actually play. I have the camp schedule so I think that I can recreate much of what you covered in camp but it would be great if the video acts as a defacto refresher course.

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