Step through counter travel question
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Author:  jbailey3 [ 07 Aug 2017, 09:37 ]
Post subject:  Step through counter travel question

I recently purchased the Attack & Counter system and have found it very enjoyable with many great concepts and ideas. I do have a question about what is and isn't a travel. This is in regard to the teaching of the step-through counter close to the basket where a dribble isn't taken before shooting.

For example, if you do an outside pivot and then step through and your pivot foot leaves the ground before you shoot the ball is this not a travel? I know you get free steps on a layup, but does the same concept apply when you start back to the basket, outside pivot, and step through? Do you get a free step from a stand still position? Seems like you are changing feet without a dribble.

Hope this question makes sense and maybe I am just over thinking it.

Author:  JoeHaefner [ 07 Aug 2017, 09:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Step through counter travel question

In the NFHS rulebook, it says you can lift your pivot foot to shoot or pass, as long the pivot foot does not touch the floor prior to the release of the ball. However, if you lift your foot prior to a dribble being initiated, it is a travel.

Author:  kelbickd [ 07 Aug 2017, 10:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Step through counter travel question

While Joe is correct, not just high school but all leagues around the world, when shooting the ball has to be out of your hands before your pivot foot returns to the floor (otherwise you couldn't shoot) while on a dribble or pass the ball has to be out your your hands before the pivot foot leaves the floor, I have shown this to referees of all levels, HS, college, FIBA, NBA. Unanimously, they have said it is not a travel. Does it get called a travel? Sometimes. Sometimes the refs are incorrect, sometime the players don't execute it correctly. I think you are missing the big picture.

It is easy to adjust the "Step Through" counter to remove any doubt you have by jumping off both feet (watch some video of Kevin McHale). But, that would defeat the purpose that I teach it at all. If you watched the whole video, you should understand that I believe that the game is simple and the same things happen over and over again, and the only thing that changes is the situation. Watch the number of times you would use the same footwork in the unlimited situations other than shooting. Change dribbles to beat a defender, change of direction on cuts, duck ins in the post, and many more. Physically the pivot is exactly the same.

Because of my philosophy of simplicity and effectiveness, I choose to teach it regardless of what may or may not happen with the referees because of the overall advantages that the footwork gives you by being good at it. To not teach something because of what a ref may or may not do (and all refs are different), I don't think limits player options in the long run.

Author:  jbailey3 [ 07 Aug 2017, 10:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Step through counter travel question

Thank you for the quick response! I am looking forward to incorporating the footwork into our practices this upcoming season (6th grade boys). Love the idea of the chairs for high volume and close to the basket work for the boys.

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