Traveling with Counter Moves?
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Author:  gregbarntsen [ 09 Nov 2016, 11:38 ]
Post subject:  Traveling with Counter Moves?

I've really enjoyed the Attack and Counter DVD. My question is this...I'm concerned that some of the counter moves taught may be officiated as a traveling call. How confident are you they won't be?

Author:  kelbickd [ 10 Nov 2016, 09:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Traveling with Counter Moves?

I don't know how you can predict what a referee will call. They are all different. I have coached on 3 continents and referees are different everywhere. I have coached at all levels in the U.S. and referees are different everywhere. I don't mean they differ based on level or area, they differ from referee to referee and from game to game. In most cases, you demonstrate and they will tell you it is not a travel (as long as you keep your pivot foot on the floor), and then in a game, they blow the whistle. I don't think you can teach according to what you think a referee MIGHT do. You can only deal with it when you see what he DOES do.

But, in the big picture, if you watch the video, yo will realize that I am not trying to teach anybody "moves." I don't believe in "moves." I try to teach footwork and then relate it to different aspects of the game. The fact that a piece of footwork may or may not be called a travel by one referee and possibly not another when the player has the ball does not mitigate the necessity for proficiency of the footwork in other aspects of the the game when he doesn't have the ball. The footwork is the same whether you have the ball, trying to get the ball, trying to create space or even if you are playing defense. The same footwork is used when trying to go by a defender on the dribble or or trying to duck in in the post. Is there really a difference between a drop step in the post or a retreat step on defense?

My belief is if you are good at the footwork, you are good at it. In every situation. It makes yo a better player. I believe that is worth the risk of getting an occasional whistle.

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