5 Out Motion Rules
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Author:  JoeHaefner [ 16 Jul 2011, 07:55 ]
Post subject:  5 Out Motion Rules

What do you use for 5 Out Motion Rules?

Author:  JoeHaefner [ 16 Jul 2011, 08:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: 5 Out Motion Rules

To get this conversation started, these are some rules I've used.

1. Space Out - Top filled. Wings filled. Corners filled.

2. Pass and Move
- Basket Cut (rear or front), Down Screen, Ball Screen
- When coming off of cut or down screen, passer must watch cutter to the rim.
- Next cutter doesn't fill until cutter reaches the rim. This helps with timing and spacing.

3. Backdoor Cut if:
- defense is over 3-point line
- see back of defender's head
- defender's feet are parallel
- offensive player dribbles at you.

For younger teams, I just focus on if the defense is overplaying, but I will talk about all of the options.

4. Post for 3 to 5 seconds -
- If player feels that they have an advantage, I will allow them to post for 3 to 5 seconds.
- When post wants the ball, hand must be up.
- When they don't want the ball, hand must be down.
- If post does not receive the ball, they either fill a spot or set a screen (ball screen or back screen).

5. Pass into Post
- Passer must move. Cut or screen away.
- Opposite side of court must exchange.
- If your man doubles, cut to hoop.

6. For dribble penetration, I usually just focus on the guy being 1 pass away and the dribble penetration is on their side of the court. I tell the other players to fill the gaps. Typically, I like the opposite corner to stay or move a couple of steps.

Dribble penetration from Top, Wing player should:
- Defense sags and helps - curl around to the top.
- Defense helps high (almost looks like a trap) - cut backdoor.

Dribble penetration from wing, Corner player should:
- Penetration is towards the goal - stay or move a couple of steps to create a better passing angle.
- Penetration goes wide (more towards the corner than towards the hoop) - cut backdoor.

I know this doesn't cover all of the situations, but it usually gives the offense a pretty good idea of what I want.

Author:  Coach Sar [ 17 Jul 2011, 10:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: 5 Out Motion Rules

Good stuff Joe,

As in every offense good spacing is a must - here are some of the things we wanted in our Open Post Offense --

Our Open Post offense started off with every player above the free throw line so some of our rules are different.

· Save your dribble for:

Dribble entries
Possible one-on-one takes to the hoop.

· Pass fake every time you touch the ball. Even when you catch the ball high you can shot fake, players aren't sure what you are going to do and they are trained to react to your movements which gives you an advantage to take the ball to the hole.

· Triple threat on every touch ( and think shot depending where you are at on the floor )

· Reverse the ball. Once you get the ball reversing, it is very difficult to cover this offense.

· Meet all passes.

· Keep moving.

· Don't fight pressure.

· Think back-door. Make all back-door cuts all the way to the rim.

· Exchange spots whenever possible.

· Fill the five spots.

· Utilize back-screens.

· V-cuts to the ball, back-cuts, L-cuts to the mid-court area. On the cut to either half-court or back-door, you must read the defense.

Author:  Bradley Stonecypher [ 23 Oct 2014, 12:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: 5 Out Motion Rules

I was just told that we have one of the largest floors in our league.

Is the tendency for spacing to be all screwed up on a smaller floor?

I may hit our elementary gym a few practices to work on our spacing.

Do you feel it is easier to go from small to large or vice versa in spacing?


Author:  JeffHaefner [ 23 Oct 2014, 13:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: 5 Out Motion Rules

Seems like a good idea to try a smaller gym to see how they react. Personally I have not noticed a difference when it comes to gym sizes and don't have a preference either way.

Author:  Bradley Stonecypher [ 23 Oct 2014, 15:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: 5 Out Motion Rules

To give you an idea, a couple of courts we play on do not have enough width for a 3 point line on the base line. The three point line ends around the foul line extended.

Welcome to my world - LOL

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