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Author:  asqossez [ 28 Feb 2020, 10:30 ]
Post subject:  Advice

Hi breakthrough basketball, I've discovered this site a few weeks ago. I always though that I could only get advice from my coach which is great but we only do 2 training season. Basically some drills and plays that we use in the games. I'm playing basketball since I was 17 years old, it was a bit tough in the beginning but I could finally learn how to shoot and maybe drive to the rim. However, after 2 years I quit playing basketball because of study, exams and well I wasn't really happy because I didn't have good endurance while I was on the court, coach wouldn't allow more minutes which was understandable due to my skills. I don't have good ball handling, poor 3 point shot percentage which is needed nowadays and I was like lost in the court, didn't know how to move when I was playing, either when PG would yell any kind of play. So that made me quit basketball for 2 years almost. I play basketball sometimes though. It's an sport that I love I wouldn't dare to practice to get better, not only for me. Basketball is a team sport so everything you do affect how the team roll and play.

And well, I'm 21 years old right now. I'm not sure If it's too late for me. I think I still have a few years to play at good level. What it's your opinion about this?

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 29 Feb 2020, 07:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice

You're certainly not too old to play basketball. I'm not sure where you live but around here there are many different levels and options to play basketball...
- Men's rec leagues (some are just for fun and others are more competitive... you can usually find a league that fits your ability level)
- Pick up games (just for fun... again you can usually find similar players to have fun with)
- College Div III (you could walk on to try outs and get their opinion)
- Maybe their are clubs in your area

It might be tough to play at college or club level... that is something where you need athleticism, skill, and to understand the game. It's some you have to work at! A coach can give you an opinion on what you need to work on.

Good luck!

Author:  asqossez [ 01 Mar 2020, 07:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice

Hi Jeff, thank you for replying my post.

It's the first time that I went through a web like this, it has good information, drills workouts and advice that you can use, read and learn, it's great. As a player I'm still young to play basketball, as you said it would be tough to compete but that's what I'm looking for, I love basketball so I wouldn't care to put hours of work in. My coach says that If I wanna play as PG or SG, I'd need good ball handling, court visiĆ³n, dribble moves to create space and opportunities, good finishing at the rim, good pass and so on. He said lt would be nice that I could improve my endurance on the court because he says I get tired too soon and I trust him LoL.

I'd say I could have a chance to get division III or maybe II level, I saw a regular season game. A few highlights. However, I'm not really able to do a comparison because I live in Europe so the way basketball is played changes from the E.E.U.U. style. I think I could get better, improve my skills but I shouldn't play like america player does, our coaches doesn't like that much (I'm not saying bad things about american players, don't take it the wrong path for whoever is reading this, I watch NBA and I love it, It's great to see LeBron is still a beast at 35 years old, he's doing great with Anthony Davis which is having a good year too, good pair, last Lakers-Celtics game was intense. Lakers can win this year, but they're not alone)

Getting back into my message, what would you recommend me? I'd like to get better and compete in a high level for sure, I know it can be a tough way, and it's not easy usually but I'm willing to train hard, and give everything I have before I can't really play. I'm just not really sure what I should look for first. It's appreciated.


Author:  JeffHaefner [ 02 Mar 2020, 06:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice

1) Work on the skills your coach told you to work on. You can find some skill workout ideas here:

2) Improve your athleticism (strength, agility, and speed):

3) And improve your cardio condition (so you're in good shape when you try out for the team and start practice):

Get better in those 3 areas, then continually get feedback from your coaches to continue improving.

Best of luck!

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