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Author:  robert.s64 [ 31 Oct 2014, 19:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

Yeah i frogot to menchion, we ran ALOT, we worked on help side defence A LOT, and we did reboud drills A LOT and like the deffencive sliding things a lot. Seems like hes looking for hustlers, people who can box out, and great deffenders, he said if u do those and hustle, he will but up a fight for you when picking the teams, because most of us are about 5'6-5'9 ish, with me being 5'5 1/2 but im a pg so it doesnt hurt me a lot, thats y weave worked on defence and boxing out because we only have one guy above 6 ft, so our main offence is 4 out at the key (all spread out to stretch the defence) an one guy down low, he wants us to do pass fakes and cut strong because we have to win with 3's, oh and he likes to set picks to get us open with 3's at times, but those three things i said at first are the BIGGIES to make this team.
I can box out strong for my side, and im a pretty good deffender on the perimeter, my pass seams a little weak, like in a full court pass it mostly a bounce pass, which aint good, i can do about 1/2 to 3/4 court passes without bounces, but not full court, so ive got to work on that, but ive got great arm strength, i just cant make that strong pass.
Try-outs continue moday all week, so imma work hard, play hard, an d dominate
p.s. imma take these next 2 days off (sat. and sunday) just to rest a little, a bit sore in upper legs, i think this rest will help though, dont you?

Author:  Coach Sar [ 01 Nov 2014, 13:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

If you live by the 3 you will die by it.... don't be afraid to take the ball to the hole. You will have days where your shot wont fall... so you take it to the hole and get fouled.... end up on the free throw line which will help your form and shot. Take what they give you and DON'T forget about the mid range game.

There were days that we couldn't throw the ball into the ocean from the shore.... get to the line.... then we had some great days and couldn't do anything wrong. 9 for 10 from the arc and 21 for 25 from the line. IF we could have done that all the time I would be in the hall of fame LOL

Take a little break, it won't hurt you. give your body a chance to recover..... you could shoot some free throws with someone feeding you so YOU don't have to chase the ball around.


Author:  robert.s64 [ 01 Nov 2014, 16:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

okay thanks, and im about perfect from free throw. thanks again

Author:  Coach Sar [ 02 Nov 2014, 07:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

Relax now... you know what needs to be done.

Have you discussed any of this with your dad?

Author:  robert.s64 [ 02 Nov 2014, 12:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

Well kinda i guess, he tells me same as you, to play hard, hustle hard, have fun, and when you can show him what you can do.

Author:  robert.s64 [ 02 Nov 2014, 12:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

I watched some of yall's videos on youtube (just thought id let you kniw)

Author:  Coach Sar [ 02 Nov 2014, 15:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

My video?

Author:  robert.s64 [ 02 Nov 2014, 19:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

Umm, i'm not so sure it was YOUR video, but it was from breakthrough basketball
Oh and by the way, i feel so energetic from this 2 day break, its exactly what i need to play at maximum potential tomorrow, i cant wait to shine and surprise everyone bc i'm going to be the best out there, ill try to steal a lot of passes, ill make amazing passes, ill fake everyone and cross people over, ill make shots that no one else out there can make, and ill be my teams leader (the coach says that a quite team, is a scared team, so he encourages us to get pumped up all the time and communication is key) I WILL BE ON THE TEAM BY TUESDAY< IF NOT TOMORROW!
(please dont think i'm being greedy or weird by saying that stuff, but my goal is to let everyone out there know im the best, including the coach. Once again thanks for everything

Author:  Coach Sar [ 03 Nov 2014, 06:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

Its nice to have lofty goals..... remember, play hard, play SMART snd have fun.

Don't worry about showing people up - that could come back to bite you... just play to the best of your ability and every day you set foot on the floor TRY to make yourself better. Don't forget as the POINT guard...... you have to make your teammates better also.

Here is one of our games that a friend of mine put on his site. We really shot well which was the difference in the game..... we also played great D that night,

Author:  robert.s64 [ 03 Nov 2014, 15:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tryout Tips

nice, i loved the hustleing, oh and yall seem to have some pretty tall guys lol, tryouts today in 30 min, i gotta get ready, c ya, and ill let u know how well i do.

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