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Author:  christianb28 [ 08 Oct 2015, 22:39 ]
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Thank you. There's two movements of the ball in a shot. One is the movement to set point ( generally where the back of the ball is in front of face) and the other movement is the release (extension of elbow). This holds true to almost 99% of basketball players. All basketball players have a pause in their shooting motion, some barely noticeable and others are very visible. This can be backed up by video evidence. The shooters that have a barely noticeable pause between the set and the release are closer to the one motion shot (i.e Chris Jackson, Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry, JJ Redick, etc.).

Author:  Rick Penny [ 09 Oct 2015, 17:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Shooting Technique


I enjoy reading your posts!

We're in agreement that most shooters have two movements within their shot. The One Motion Technique only has ONE and that sets it apart from the rest.

With One Motion, the ball never pauses or stops throughout the entire process. This holds true for shots off the dribble, from a pass, or those that are stationary.

One Motion has a different SET point than the one you described in your last post. What you call the SET Point (near eye level) is what I call the Explosion Point. That is the location of the ball when the knees have fully flexed and are about to extend to propel the shooter off the floor.

With One Motion, the SET point is lower (chest level) and the ball travels straight up and goes through the Explosion Point (what you call SET) non-stop. This is why there is only ONE movement with One Motion and the link I posted on Oct. 7 shows that.

The One Motion Shooting Video discusses and demonstrates all of this and information can be found on my website.

Rick Penny
One Motion Shooting

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