Ball on a string handles
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Author:  joshdavid2513 [ 30 Jul 2013, 21:52 ]
Post subject:  Ball on a string handles

How do i get ball on a string handles i can kind of do all the greaat moves like behind the back and through the legs and blah blah blah but i want to be consistent and have the ball on as string ya know breaking ankles and such please help

Author:  coachmac [ 24 Aug 2013, 18:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ball on a string handles

And with the above post, I rest my case on passing and how to enhance that skill.....Coach Mac

Author:  Coach Sar [ 24 Aug 2013, 19:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ball on a string handles

Josh -

I think what Coach Mac is trying to tell you that its not about all the fancy dribbles, its more about being fundamentally sound with the basic dribbles first. Practice the basic dribbling moves first.... and as you are good with both hands you can add another move..... the first one I would suggest is a hesistation then crossover.

I have seen kids go behind their back and between their legs and go NOWHERE. Everything you do should be to beat your opponent and get to the basket or set up another teammate.

I taught our defenders to focus on the belt area.... that way you can do all the fancy stuff you want but I will still be in front of you.

IF you really want to be able to handle the ball well, the first thing you do when you hit the floor is to work on your dribbling. Practice, practice and more practice is the only way to get better at anything you do.

Author:  coachmac [ 24 Aug 2013, 19:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ball on a string handles

Josh: I get the feeling, that you want a quick fix to your ball handing and dribbling woes. Well, , it "aint" gonna happen. Not without a lot of time spent with a ball on the floor. You need to go into Breakthrough basketbals skill area and find drills that will enhance your "handles".. I own a skills training academy in Hong Kong, and there is no short cut, I use a lot of cone drills, chairs, two ball drills and I love the use of tenis balls for hand to eye coordinaion. You want a killer crossover, you must work for it, you cant buy it in a store. Coach Mac.

Author:  Coach Sar [ 25 Aug 2013, 10:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ball on a string handles

Mac -

I thought I saw it at Wal Mart! LOL

Anythuing thats good in tihs wrold takes some work to achieve it. Set some goals for yourselef Josh.. then go to work on it. It sounds like you already have some skills.... you just need to work on the things that will make you a better player.

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