Right-handed, left eye dominant
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Author:  Scott C. [ 21 Dec 2021, 11:22 ]
Post subject:  Right-handed, left eye dominant

I've got a third grade girl I'm coaching in her first year of basketball. Her mom is in PT, and through some testing recently found out the girl is right-handed but left eye dominant. Her dad is the same way, I played basketball with him in high school and he would start his shot from his left shoulder and finish in more or less a normal follow throw (a little Lonzo Ball-ish,, but more exaggerated). It's great to know this at her age while we're getting started, but I haven't coached this situation before.

The player shoots a gun like she's left handed, my stepdad was also left eye dominant and did the same. But I'm not sure the impact on her basketball shooting form. It seems like the typical set position over her right eye may be thrown off. I'll do some other looking/reading but was interested if someone on the forum had been through this.

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