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Author:  Coach RoJo [ 26 Dec 2019, 15:25 ]
Post subject:  Practice Plan Reviews

Hello again, I have another question. Does your website have the ability to look over a practice schedule for new coaches and help them to make adjustments for better practice flow? I'm concerned with our practice plan having too much going on and not enough time to focus or explain or teach things to our player. For example, is 5 minutes too much or too little amount of time for ball handling, passing, form shooting, game shooting ect.? With only an hour and a half, it seems hard to get in all your offense, defense and skill building required to be successful.

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 27 Dec 2019, 07:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Practice Plan Reviews

We do not offer that service but if you want to post your practice on the forum we can take a quick peek and give a few suggestions.

Author:  Coach RoJo [ 27 Dec 2019, 09:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Practice Plan Reviews

Thank you for the information!

Time Activity Notes
8pm-8:05pm Rebounding/Boxing Out 1 v 1 on each block
8:05-8:10 Step Slide Technique - SL to SL and back
8:10-8:20 Shell Drill 1v2, 2v3, 3v4, 4v4
8:20-8:25 On Ball/Off Ball 1 v 1 Competition
8:25-8:35 Transition 1st Progression - Sprint Back
2nd Progression - SB and Closeout
3rd Progression - SB, CO and Slide
4th Progression - Same/Take Top
5th Progression - Help/Communicate
8:35-8:40 Ball Handling
8:40-8:50 Shooting
Form shooting
Game shooting
Water Break
8:50-9:05 Guard/Post Work
Guard Finishing - Basic finishing
Defender Finishing - Rip and finish
Post Post Moves/Finishing
Defender Post moves/Finishing
9:05-9:15 Passing/Footwork Pass/Pivoting
Full Court passing
9:15-9:30 Motion Offense Cuts/Screens

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 27 Dec 2019, 15:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Practice Plan Reviews

That looks like a good plan to get you started. I'm guessing you'll find that you only get through 50-80% of that on the first day. But that's ok. See how it goes the first day, then adjust if needed. The second day will go quicker.

The only thing I would question at some point.... are players standing around in lines too much? Can the drills be more efficient? As an example, box out 1v1 on each block... if you are just using one basket then 4 players are busy and the rest are standing doing nothing. Ideally you have everyone doing something. If you want to be able to go slow the first practice and teach boxing out in that controlled 1v1 setting, that makes sense. But in time, I would be conscious about the efficiency of the drills and avoid lines.

Hope this helps!

Author:  Coach RoJo [ 27 Dec 2019, 15:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Practice Plan Reviews

That helps a lot! Thank you for taking the time to share information with me. I will definitely pay attention to lines. We have 10 players and 6 baskets, so we should have enough space a resources to get in a lot of reps for each player. Thanks again!

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