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Author:  coachmt [ 14 Mar 2019, 10:25 ]
Post subject:  Top of Key moves

Just getting into our club season. The two teams I'm coaching are 8th grade girls and then a team of 9th grade girls. The 9th grade team has several players that played strong varsity minutes at their schools this year, so a lot of skill and IQ here.

We have two 90 minute practices per week and I'm going to try sticking to the following plan:
One night will be dedicated to pretty much all skill work and small sided games and the other night will be a mix of skill work and more 5v5 stuff to get them comfortable playing and run through our out of bounds stuff and a simple press break.

One of the skill circuits I want to do is have groups at different baskets and working on 1v1 moves. We'll have groups at two baskets working on wing stuff like the Rip/Jab Wichita State type workouts and then another hoop working on top of the key stuff. We're going to run a simple 5out pass and cut/screen offense and maybe some stuff with 1 post for a couple of our bigs.

With the top of the key station, what kind of stuff would you recommend? I'm thinking dribble attack stuff like working on cross and drive, combo and attack, stepbacks and then having them work a couple different finishes (floater, euro, etc.)

We'll probably also do some shooting drills to simulate coming off screens as well. I typically have my players perform drills on air or against dummy D the first time we do things, then once they are comfortable we will start doing the same drills but turn it into a 1v1 or 3v3 drill instead of vs air.

Just looking for thoughts on what kind of stuff we can do at the top of key station. All I usually see is skill workouts being done from the wings or posts.


Author:  JeffHaefner [ 17 Mar 2019, 06:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Top of Key moves

We practice from 9 different perimeter spots. And we practice all the same things... catch and shoot, catch and rip, fake rip, pull up jumper, and various finishing moves. We also do competitive 1v1 type of games starting from those same spots. We also back up and use dribble moves starting from those 9 angles.

Roughly speaking the spots are:
Guard lanes
Top of key

Sometimes we also move closer with our competitive games and skill drills. For example sometimes we start from short corner instead of deep corner. Or we start from elbow instead of guard lane.

Hopefully this gives you ideas. But we don't change anything from top of key. It's all the same skills and drills.

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