Drills to help limit turnovers
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Author:  Coach fish [ 09 Jan 2021, 23:00 ]
Post subject:  Drills to help limit turnovers

Just wondering if any of you coaches out there have any drills that could help my JV boys basketball team limit turnovers against the press?

Author:  mhagness [ 13 Apr 2021, 15:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Drills to help limit turnovers

Coach fish wrote:
Just wondering if any of you coaches out there have any drills that could help my JV boys basketball team limit turnovers against the press?

I don't know if a specific drill is going to be the answer, but I do have a few suggestions.

Use turnovers as a way to score small-sided games, drills, etc. and be sure to emphasize it every practice. It's not necessarily what you teach, it's what you emphasize. If you're doing a "defensive shell" drill, you should still be emphasizing the offense to not turn the ball over. In drills where you keep score you can penalize the offense for turnovers or reward the defense, depending how you do it.

Use offensive disadvantage drills like 5-on-4, 6-on-4, etc and set a certain amount of time or number of passes they have to achieve without a turnover. However you decide to do it, emphasize it daily and make sure they understand there is a consequence for each turnover. Stop and talk about what happened that caused the turnover, and what they can do better to avoid it.

We were working on a full court press drill this winter and one of my guys was really struggling off just the first pass. I told the defenders to trap the first pass hard with the inbound defender coming over. They are supposed to let the offense catch it, and trap the first pass hard. Offenses job is to not give the defense a dead ball and not to turn it over. I let the kid go a few reps in a row until I corrected him. He actually wanted to get out of the drill because he thought I was going to chew him out. All I told him was "You can do it, let's just figure out what you need to do." I said catch the ball and don't dribble right away, Pivot so you are pointing your feet toward the inbounder and throw it over the top as he steps back in. He went back in, did exactly that and was fine the rest of the drill. Sometimes they literally do need to be told what to do verbatim rather than us using things like "You guys should know how to do this by now."

Not saying you have issues like that on your team, but something that basic went a long way with this kid. So again, emphasize, emphasize, and emphasize some more how important taking care of the ball in every drill. Penalize them for it and be sure if it's carelessness with the ball, there's a consequence. But always correct and allow them to succeed after the explanation.

Author:  Coach Rob [ 14 Apr 2021, 19:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Drills to help limit turnovers

Good suggestions from mhagness. The only thing I would add is using a certain number of basketballs in specific drills (e.g., no dribbling, lopsided D vs. O). You can use a rack and pick the number of balls, but once they run out, they're paying the price with your choice of consequence. Amazing how they seem to protect the ball more when there's only one left in the rack. Just another psychological tool when running drills.

EDIT: Should have added, every time the offense in a drill turns a ball over, that ball is gone and they have to get another one from the rack.

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