3-1-1 half court trap
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Author:  mdd2332 [ 07 Mar 2010, 10:15 ]
Post subject:  3-1-1 half court trap

Whats a good way to attack a 3-1-1 trap? I coach a middle school aged church team and we are in our leagues semi finals thurs. night. The team we play runs this defense most of the game. Trying to find something that is easy to teach and will work enough times to get them out of it into their regular zone defenses. Also they run a 1-3-1 offense where the PG passes to a wing and swings all the way around across the baseline to the corner and when he gets the ball in the corner the middle guy in the offense goes to the low block and the back side wing cuts. Thinking of going man-to-man to make them hurry their offense. They like to take their time running it and lull the defense to slip. Any ideas would be appreciated. the strength of my team is my guards.

Author:  coachmac [ 09 Mar 2010, 22:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: 3-1-1 half court trap

Coach: Never heard of a 3-1-1 half court but its not much different than the 1-2-1-1. What you have to do is exploit the trapping areas. By that I mean the traps will come as soon as you cross half court and will occur in the corners above the three point line. Don't cross, simply invite the trap in other words drive towards the trapping areas, but prior to crossing quickly reverse the ball and flash a man into the open area vacated by the trapper. the offense you are referring to that they run is used against a zone. its an overload and designed to get the shot from the shot from the corner or if the low man in the zone comes out to defend the shot then the ball is dumped inside to the high or low post. I agree, play man to man but stress to your players that in order to be effective,they must put tremendous pressure on the ball and play great help defense. You also want to throw a surprise press at them at key points, following a made free throw or on a dead ball situation. You simply want to keep them off balance at all times Good luck hope this Mac

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