Transition SSG modifications for teams that 'Jam Up'
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Author:  kloostet [ 30 Oct 2019, 05:46 ]
Post subject:  Transition SSG modifications for teams that 'Jam Up'

I'm sure there are others like myself that run into this situation: the opposing team jacks up a shot, we rebound, and then the rebounder gets swarmed or 'jammed up' by one or two opposing players, leading to a turnover or our transition opportunity in ruins. I'd like to find a way to drill and counter this in practice. I have come up with the following solution but would like some advice or other suggestions on what to do:

Here is the progression of drills to practice this:

* 5 players go through taps or annie over, when coach yells shot, 2 players swarm the rebounder. Rebounder has to navigate the 'jam' by using a bust out dribble to the outside of the court to either pitch ahead or outlet the ball.
*Same as above, but 5 on 3. 3rd player can do anything until the pass is successfully made out of the 'jam.'
*Same as above but 5 on 4. 3rd and 4th player same rules as above.
*5 on 5 with a forced double on the rebounder starting with taps or annie over. Encourage the transition defense team to be aggressive and not worry about layups as much while also encouraging them to be unpredictable. Make this is a continuous back and forth game (maybe 8 possession game). If a team misses their shot and defense gets it immediately jam up the rebounder, if the offensive team makes the basket force the other team to do the taps or annie over until the coach yells shot. Defense jams up and looks to be aggressive from there.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Specifically, I would appreciate suggestions on how the rebounder should handle being double teamed immediately off the rebound.


Author:  jhaefner [ 30 Oct 2019, 07:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Transition SSG modifications for teams that 'Jam Up'

Generally, I teach players to rip the ball to their chest, pivot, and then make a decision -- outlet, dribble out, or make another pivot. That usually works well for us. We usually teach ball security and footwork so we can deal with this situation without turning it over.

At advanced levels you can start to outlet on your way down (you start to turn on way down to ground so you don't have to pivot and can outlet right away). I have never taught this but I remember Jim Huber talking about gaining a half second in your transition by teaching this concept.

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