2/3 man side concepts
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Author:  dane.fizzell [ 07 Sep 2016, 23:20 ]
Post subject:  2/3 man side concepts

Hi Coaches,

Was just wondering if someone could please provide an explanation as to what is meant by 'the 2 man side, 3 man side concepts' in relation to team offence?

Thanks very much.

Author:  briansass [ 08 Sep 2016, 10:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: 2/3 man side concepts


The 2 man and 3 man side concepts are references to the kind of spacing and floor balance you need in order to run good offense.

Wherever you choose to position your offensive players, and whichever offense you choose to run, at any point in time there should never be more than 3 players on any one side of the court, and sometimes as few as two players on the side of a court.

If you are running an offensive play or motion, you may end up wth:
1. Ball on the wing,
2. man at the free throw lane line extended (point position)
3. Man in the low post.
This would be the three man side. What can they do from that position?

At the same time, away from the ball, you may have:
1. Man free throw line extended opposite side
2. Man opposite free throw lane line extended (opposite point position)
This would be the two man side. How can those two players operate to get good scoring opportunities for themselves or their team mates?

This is the essential concept.

Brian Sass

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