8th Grade Girls Offense
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Author:  sheidi73 [ 23 Sep 2014, 09:05 ]
Post subject:  8th Grade Girls Offense

I have a 8th grade girls team that is not athletically inclined and has a terrible time getting into a motion offense. My question is would it be better to have set plays than just telling them to run motion. I have worked with them last year even though they weren't on my team. But, they can't get it started even if I tell them to make a pass and go set a pick on someone, etc. Is there a better offense to run?

Author:  Coach Sar [ 23 Sep 2014, 10:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: 8th Grade Girls Offense

I would make this as simple as possible.... Open post offense, pass and cut to the basket, everyone else fills a spot.

Have these girls played before?

.Running set plays are easier to defend and your players wont learn a lot about playing the game . Teach them the basic fundamentals passing, catching Show them the five spots you want them to fill on a chalk or posey board so they have a rough idea as to where to go.... and if they get lost, tell them to look for an open spot and fill it.

We ran this with our boys vasrsity and that was their rule.... keep it simple.

Author:  Coach Rob [ 23 Sep 2014, 18:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: 8th Grade Girls Offense

Agree with Ken on this one, just running set plays would be easy to defend as you'd probably not be able to get enough of them down to add some element of surprise. I don't see a problem with two or three set plays that are relatively easy that you could call out once in a while from the sidelines.

When you say, "has a terrible time getting into a motion offense", can you give a few more details.

Author:  Coach Sar [ 24 Sep 2014, 10:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: 8th Grade Girls Offense

I would work on making different cuts to get open..... 1- from the block, mid post, L cuts etc.....

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