Basic Motion Offense
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Author:  rowey [ 20 Nov 2009, 08:53 ]
Post subject:  Basic Motion Offense

I am coaching an Under 16 girls team that have had very little coaching in basics. The girls are all very keen to learn. I have been running basic motion with a pass to the wing, (1)basket cut, (2) screen away or (3) ball screen. During practice they run the moves O.K. but!!!!! you guessed it, in a game everything goes out the door and they return to old habits. Any suggestions, we are getting real touch ups in games, going down by large margins, I'm getting very frustrated .

Author:  Coach Sar [ 20 Nov 2009, 10:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Basic Motion Offense

This can happen at any level with kids not having any experience of lacking in fundamentals. Spend a lot of time teaching fundamentals..... You need to put a little more pressure on defense during your practices so they don't panic in game situations.
If need be, put an extra defender on the floor, we did that a lot. Make sure they get a certain number of passes so they are used to moving the ball. Tell your defenders to PRESSURE them and NOT worry about fouls... be a little physical ... make your practices harder than any game you might play.
This is going to take some time so be patient with them and yourself. It sounds like you are teaching the right things. Repetition - repetition -repetition. Good luck.


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