Players who play other sports
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Author:  teachercheriw [ 28 Jan 2018, 20:09 ]
Post subject:  Players who play other sports

Don't get me wrong, I think it is great that kids play multiple sports. But I am curious as to what other coaches do when they have a player who says they can't attend a basketball tournament because they have to play hockey? Keep in mind tha the schedules were sent out two months in advance.
What do you seay to the other players who are upset because they feel that one of their teammates is putting hockey over basketball?

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 29 Jan 2018, 07:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Players who play other sports

Depends on the age, the league, level of play, etc.

Some coaches will make sure they have enough players so if someone has to miss they are ok. With younger team where the focus is development... it can be tough. You hope the parents split things up even so they miss equal number of hockey and basketball. But it doesn't always happen that way.

I think you just decide what you expect from players/parents, communicate that head of time before they even sign up for the team, then enforce them.

You can be very flexible about players missing, be very strict, or meet in the middle. There are pros and cons to all 3 options.

If it's a high school team the expectations are usually higher.

For my youth teams, we say Nov 1 to March 1 is basketball season. You put basketball over all other sports during that time. But we do encourage you to play other sports. And when that sport is in season, it should be priority over basketball (ex summer camps, practices, etc). During the official winter season, assigned tournaments are mandatory (barring sickness, injury, academic activities, religious holidays/milestones, and family emergencies).

But we have a fairly serious club team and expect that level of commitment during the season. I think the key is setting those expectation up front before people sign up. If they don't want to commit to that they can find a different team.

Regardless of how much you ask from them, I think they key is to spell it out before they sign up or at least before season starts. At this point I'm not sure there's much you can do if you don't have those rules communicated already.

Author:  Coach Rob [ 29 Jan 2018, 18:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Players who play other sports

I'd get with the parents and ask if they foresee any other conflicts ahead, it would be good to know this. Hindsight is 20/20, but like Jeff mentioned, dealing with that upfront before future tourneys is a wise move. I usually throw the dates out and say, "Please let me know if you have any conflicts so I can plan accordingly."

Regarding the other teammates, something as simple as, "Tommy had a prior commitment" is all they need to know. Or? "Tommy's not here so that means more playing time for the rest of you!" I jest. I realize kids talk, so Tommy probably already told them he had a hockey game. Not much you can do at this point other than focus on the now and move on.

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