Trapped in Games
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Author:  eaganemily [ 18 Jun 2010, 13:04 ]
Post subject:  Trapped in Games

Hi I'm a new coach for a girls 6th grade ball team. We played a game this week against a good team that had 3 players waiting for us as soon as our girls brought it across the half court line. Then they trapped us and if we managed to get it to another guard on the side they trapped us there. Where should I position the girls to be able to beat this? We never were able to even have any kind of offense running.


Author:  Coach Sar [ 18 Jun 2010, 13:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trapped in Games

Set up your players with one in the middle first of all.... and I'm thinking a 2-1-2 set against a half court trap is the way to go.

We used to play a cat and mouse game vs 1/2 court traps.... bring it up hard on one side to get the D to commit, then we would reverse the ball looking to pass to the middle or near side line.... IF you pass to the middle - that player needs to pivot and face the basket and the two wings should fill the lanes to the basket on each side. IF you pass to a wing, that player needs to look middle right away and have the middle players slide down the lane pinning her defender on her back.... she should be wide open. Diagonal passes are always good but with the age of your players then might not be able to make that pass.

Lets see what some of the other coaches have to say.

Author:  jimbiggs [ 20 Jun 2010, 17:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trapped in Games

I faced the same defense twice last season. After reading a post by Coach Mac last night in another thread, I came up with the same offense as Coach Sar in this thread. I would suggest using one of your best players in the middle of that zone around the top of the key and follow Coach Sar's instructions. When the ball gets to the guy in the middle, he should be able to turn and attack the remaining defenders 3 on 2. If you're successful with that, then they won't stay with that defense for long.

Author:  Coach A [ 22 Jun 2010, 13:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trapped in Games

Sounds like you are seeing a 1-2-1-1 half court trap.

Coach Sar is right, your setup should be 2-1-2 with your 2 guards
bring ball up, a big in the middle and 2 players on wings.

Things to remember:
-They want to trap on the sidelines so avoid these areas
-Teach players to look to pass before dribbling
-Reverse ball often
-Sharp passes, no floaters!!
-If you get ball in middle, the player in the middle must turn and look to the opposite wing to pass to
-When you break this press, ATTACK. Make the other team pay for pressing you, you'll usually have the advantage if you break it cuz their players are all spread out.
-Practice this setup during practices, prepare your players, tell your players to remain calm, don't panic. Maintain poise(calm under pressure).
- During practice have a team of 6, try to 1/2 court trap a team of 5 just to get that team of 5 conditioned to moving the ball under pressure.
-Communicate to your girls that if they do get trapped on sidelines that they can bounce ball off opposing player's leg as last resort (most girls don't think of this).

Best of Luck

Coach A

Author:  Coach A [ 22 Jun 2010, 13:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trapped in Games

One last thing!!


Use ball fakes to beat a trap too!!

Use overhead pass ball fakes.

Ballfake to middle, pass opposite guard
Ballfake to opposite guard, pass to middle
Ballfake to middle, pass to wing
Ballfake then dribble past defender

As 6th grade girls you will need to practice ball fakes.
-They must be quick
-The must be hard
-They must look real


Coach A

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