Do you think this is "cheating?"
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Author:  golfman25 [ 12 Jan 2010, 07:50 ]
Post subject:  Do you think this is "cheating?"

Rec. leauge of 3rd and 4th graders (8-9 years old). No zone defenses allowed. No defense allowed above the "volleyball line" -- about 2 ft. over the top of the key.

I was watching some games and one team did not really defend the point guard as he brought the ball into play. Instead, he hung back at the free throw line -- making it all but impossible to pass inside. Puts the defender at least 4 or 5 feet away from "his man." Certainly seemed like a zone concept to me. So, what do you think?

How would you force that man to play defense and come out of the middle? Would be nice if my boys could just rain threes in all day. Thanks in advance.

Author:  Coach Sar [ 12 Jan 2010, 09:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Do you think this is "cheating?"

I wouldn't say this is cheating but I wonder if it is in the "spirit of the rule?"

Have your point guard pass the ball and cut thru the defense and see what his defender does... IF he stays there - its a ZONE... I still would cut your player thru and then try to get your offense started.

You could have your point guard dribble towards him and make the kid defend him... then he might be able to enter the ball into the post.... a lot of teams are going to a pack defense to stop penetration .... but we aren't there to see exactly what is going on...

Author:  golfman25 [ 19 Jan 2010, 14:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Do you think this is "cheating?"

Well we had a field day against this guy. First time he did, my kid dribbles right up to the elbow and nails the shot. The other point guard took several long shots as well -- all hitting the rim. We'll we forced is butt out of the middle. My friend plays the team next week. He has a good outside shooter. I told him to watch it and just have the kid shoot -- should be interesting.

Author:  Coach Sar [ 19 Jan 2010, 15:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Do you think this is "cheating?"

Was he playing a zone? OR did you just shoot him out of that position? How did he play you once you started hitting those shots?

What does the league administrator think of what he is doing? I take it this is a m2m league?

Author:  golfman25 [ 19 Jan 2010, 22:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Do you think this is "cheating?"

Yes, it is M2M only. Every team I have seen in the past 2 years has guarded the point guard up above the key. This was the first team that dropped a defender back to the free throw line. I don't think he was playing a true zone, but he knew that by playing off that much he would have an advantage because most of the kids can't shoot from the outside and he would clog up the middle. We where able to pull him up top and defend, which is important because we try to cut into the lane and up to the elbow with my big guy.

I don't think that the administrator wants to get involved and I wouldn't bother him with it. It is really supposed to be just a fun non-competitive league. It is just really a personal issue with me. I watch the youth coaches in my area very carefully -- many of them will lie, cheat and steal to get an advantage. This particular guy has a "history" -- being suspended from our baseball leauge after the first game for "jawing" at a 14 year old umpire. Funny thing though -- we had the ref. from hell and not a peep out of him. Guess he won't pick on someone his own size.

Author:  Coach Sar [ 19 Jan 2010, 22:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Do you think this is "cheating?"

Then this guy does NOT belong working with young kids... thats the bottom line. How the heck did he get this coaching gig?

Thats a shame that someone like that would use kids to further his name... he's using them to re - live his youth.

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