See the Court and Anticipating the Opponent?
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Author:  Coach Rob [ 29 Apr 2020, 17:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: See the Court and Anticipating the Opponent?

You're basically talking about "court sense" here which comes with playing time and more experience on the court. I've found that making part of your practice harder than a game by adding more pressure can help the players during game situations. Things like drills with no dribbling allowed for the offense, timing how long the player with the ball can hold the ball, adding an extra player on defense to put more pressure on the offense.

5 good passes is one of my fav mini-games for this.

3 teams of 3. A, B, C. Half court. Team A is on offense - no dribbles allowed, B is defense and should be agressive on defense, C is on side waiting to come in. This is a fast-moving drill. On your whistle, A has to make 5 good passes. If A completes 5, they win, consequences for team B and C (push-ups barking like dogs , etc..). If B disrupts a pass in any way, they are now on offense, A sprints off court, C comes on as new defense. This moves fast, the teams should be ready to go. So, once B get's a stop, they can start passing to themselves, C should be ready to get in quickly. This keeps rotating until someone wins.

The team who gets the stop has to transition into offense quickly, the team on the side has to be ready to sprint on.

Hope this helps!

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