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Author:  Coach Rob [ 23 Jan 2019, 14:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Need advice

Jeff makes a good point about inviting a better team to a controlled/teaching scrimmage. You can ask the other coach if there's something they need to work on and you guys work on beating pressure. I like those situations because you can stop the scrimmage and teach.

However, I'm more in the camp of building the middle school program and having some way for the players feeding into your school to play on a competitive team and feel some heat. I know you said they weren't good enough for AAU, but it would be nice to have some feeder coaches that get them in real games with real pressure before they hit you. There's no substitute for playing against better competition. It might look ugly for a few years, but you start an expectation that if you play for your HS team, and want to see the court, you go through this route.

Another possible option is to do a fundraiser each year and enter a few tourneys before the real season begins. That's a pretty common practice here for better teams. You might have to travel, but you get that exposure against good teams.

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