Question regarding playing time
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Author:  Coach Sar [ 09 Mar 2010, 18:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question regarding playing time

At this age level, I don't agree with coaches that use zone, presses, lots of set plays, don't give mostly equal playing time, and don't spend 90% of their time working on fundamentals. But growing up I never had a good coach until high school. They did nothing with fundamentals, played 5 players with pretty much no subs, and really did nothing for my development. But I learned from all the experiences and still love the game of basketball. So it wasn't all bad.
Jeff Haefner
Amen to this Jeff - Why would he be teaching 2-3 zones at this age.... he is NOT doing these kids any favors.... I bet IF You asked the high school coaches they would want those kids to be learning how to play m2m defense and a lot of fundamentals. Those kids can win a state championship but IF they can't play at the next level... what have they gained.
And MAC, I agree there too... why would he tell them that they are NOT going to play in the next game? I will try to be PC here... that's not a very intelligent thing to say to kids / players. Why try? Why stay on the team at all? Hang in there Nash... hopefully your daughter can come away from this situation learning something about the game and life.

Author:  nash68 [ 09 Mar 2010, 20:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question regarding playing time

Thank you all so much for the excellent feedback. You've all made me feel so much better about the situation. I have literally zero personal experience with team sports, and this is the first competitive team my daughter has played on in any sport, so I am flying blind as to how this all works. This website is a wealth of info--I'm so glad I found it!

Well, we're back from the game, and as the fates would have it, one of the starters was out with an injury, so my kid got put back in the starting line-up. She ended up playing the entire game except for the last few minutes of the 4th Q, and had a very good game defensively. She even sunk a 3 pointer--the first for the team in any of the games. So I think she may have redeemed herself in Coach's eyes. We'll see what happens going forward.

That being said, I'm glad to hear that my instincts were right in that this coach is pushing the team in a manner that is inappropriate for their age. I completely agree that he should be grooming them for high school, not winning at all costs at this level. He did play three of the bench players briefly in the game today, but two girls sat the entire time, even though we won by 10 points. If he doesn't think they're good enough to play, why'd he pick them for the team in the first place? I don't get it.

This competitive philosophy at this middle school extends to the 8th grade team as well, so I guess we'll have to learn to live with it--like you all were saying, if nothing else, it's an excellent life lesson.

I reread the team rules, and they state, "Playing time is determined by the coach and is not guaranteed to anyone. The starters will get the majority of the playing time." So there ya have it. That's just the way they roll.

Thank you all again for the great advice--I really appreciate it!

Author:  coachmac [ 09 Mar 2010, 22:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question regarding playing time

Nash68: These guys are pretty good eh? thank Joe and Jeff haeffner for putting us all Mac

Author:  Coach Sar [ 09 Mar 2010, 22:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question regarding playing time

Well, at least you know what the rules are and what to expect. The rest of the season should be a little easier to deal with. I'm glad your daughter got a chance to redeem herself...... she should get some good playing time from here on out. (hopefully)
With that philosophy it is hard to play 12-13 kids - IF you went 8-9 deep you are doing well. To answer your question about why he chose some kids.... could be two fold...1- you need to have some depth just to practice in case kids get hurt, sick, ineligible etc. 2- The school wants more kids involved ?
When I was coaching high school boys varsity it was hard to play more than 8-9..... the joke is (at our level) IF you can play 11-12 kids you are either very good or very bad. :-) I realize that this is a different game... but apparently this is how the school wants it.
I do believe that they should be teaching them how to play m2m and teach a lot of fundamentals but its their program so its up to them. Sit back and enjoy the ride now.... glad we could help you.

Author:  JoeHaefner [ 10 Mar 2010, 13:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question regarding playing time

Thank you, Coach Mac. You and the other coaches are the ones that make this forum great.

Author:  b-ballparent [ 15 Mar 2010, 17:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question regarding playing time

Hey Nash,

I'm just a mom with a daughter playing club ball and now scool ball (grade 7). I've had some trouble understanding some different philosophies( even when they don't consider themselves having a philosophy). And it does boil down to that. Actions speak louder than words. My daughter spent some time on the bench. Not in grade 6 though, but I find most coaches are not as commited to developing all of their players as they say they are. I hope he is able to learn from his own mistakes as well. My daughter and I spoke often about how she felt the season was going. It was peaks and valleys and I'd like to think she learned how to deal with dissapointment with dignity, it gave me a chance to revisit that lesson as well. She continues to work hard and is still enjoying basketball. I hope you daughter does as well. She's lucky to have such a contientious mum. Keep your chin up!

Author:  nash68 [ 15 Mar 2010, 19:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question regarding playing time

b-ballparent, thanks for the input. I'm glad to hear that your daughter is enjoying the game, and that our experience isn't unique.

Author:  coachmac [ 16 Mar 2010, 05:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question regarding playing time

B-ballparent: I just want to say, .I think its wonderful that different people read these blogs.and offer their advice from their vantage points....I think your comments were great..Coach Mac

Author:  b-ballparent [ 16 Mar 2010, 21:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question regarding playing time

Your welcome :) and no your definitly not alone.
I think it's great the forum was created. Coaches on this site offer such great feedback. Great work guys! It sounds like you guys keep the bar high in a way some coaches cannot. Hopefully your attitudes find their way into mainstream basketball and influence coaches everywhere.

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