Summer camp for a 17 yo from Sweden
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Author:  WebDoc [ 04 Mar 2010, 07:01 ]
Post subject:  Summer camp for a 17 yo from Sweden

Hi everyone!
I've been reading and utilizing as much of all the good advices I have found at this site, although I'm not a coach, at least not a basketball coach - I just try to stay in touch with the game so that I can support my son when he is practising and playing the game that he love.
However, we/he have a significant problem: He started as a soccerplayer at the age of 8, but when he became 12 (he is today 17 yo, 6,8", 210 lbs), he realized the benefit from beeing the talles kid in class, and he also knew that he is/was expected to become very tall (I am 6'10") so he decided to start playing basketball.
Which was rather late, compared to the other players who already had been playing for several years.
Unfortunately(!) he learned the essential quickly, a bit to quickly I think, but the coach was not so keen on basics or drills, he preferred to let the kids just play during practise...
Already after 3 seasons my son was transferred to a higher league with more skilled players, which he managed pretty well, and he was then moved to the senior team at the beginning of the last season. Rather fast carrieer, but he is doing well, beeing the youngest player on the team. Which now is giving him some problems with his selfesteem and lack of progress...some kind of a plateau state, I think.
The thing I need some advice on now is the following: He need someone to teach him more about fundamentals, inside moves, how to use his size and when tyo use it....but Swedish summer camps are more into younger kids needs and the few elite camps are more or less exclusively for choosen players....I know, and I have seen this written before on some of the forums, that a personal coach 1-2 times a month would probably do more in the long run, but 1. There are not so many good coaches with spare time available in the area we live in (stockholm)
2. He needs to do something that can encourage him and inspire him to try more...
The senior team start up a pre season camp at the end of the summer, and will probably (understandable) be focused att the team and the coming season, so the personal training I think my son needs will probably come in second hand...
Last year we tried to send him to a summer camp in Italy, but that was not the right level - the majority was younger beginners, which made the whole week almost a waste for him, beside the fact that he spent a week in Italy...:-)
I find it very hard to review all the camp information on the net, especially in regards to a foreigner, so I would like to ask: does anyone have any good advice to give?
Were should I send him? How much does it cost (the camp fee)? Anything?
Yhanks in advance!

Author:  Coach Sar [ 04 Mar 2010, 08:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Summer camp for a 17 yo from Sweden

I know a X Coach in Italy that might be able to help you.... his name is Dan Peterson, he is very well known over there. explain your situation and see what he can do for you.

This is his e mail address:

Good luck and let us know how this goes.

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 04 Mar 2010, 10:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Summer camp for a 17 yo from Sweden

The best coach I know to develop players (post or perimeter) is Don Kelbick. Since he's no where near you, my next best suggestion is for you and your son to read his book:

This book will even show your son how to practice footwork and get better in the living room. It's good stuff. I highly recommend the book.

Author:  WebDoc [ 05 Mar 2010, 14:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Summer camp for a 17 yo from Sweden

Hi all,
Thanks for all your replies...I'll do my best to implement as much as I can, but still...
I need to get my son to a summer camp were he can be tought some of the things that'll be hard to learn from reading...! Not only for him...I need to do what I can, to do as much as I can to give him the oppurtunity to learn as much as possible...
I have actually tried to get information from some US Basketball Camps (nike?) but for some reason no one have what do one need to do to get some attention?
Thanks for the suggestion regarding the coach in Italy, but unfortunately, Italy is to far away from Sweden.
So...what do you think about a week on the east coast (flight fare to NY is reasonable), with a coach that is up to the task, and with the facilities to support whatever is necessary...any suggestions?
I guess I'm a asking for some "special treatment" for my kid, but why not...?:-) As we all (parents) are?
I promise, he's a talented athlete, he have the guts and the will to exceed...Please advice...I need to find something REALLY useful for him this summer - his last summer in high school!

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 05 Mar 2010, 16:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Summer camp for a 17 yo from Sweden

The best thing your son can do is learn how to practice on his own -- in the back yard, in the living room, at the park, and at the gym. That is where 99% of the development happens.

A personal coach would be wonderful, but how many of us has that opportunity? A camp is great and your son might learn a couple fundamentals, but if he doesn't practice those skills it's all for not. Those skills can be learned from books, DVDs, camps, and coaches.

If you want to come to the east coast of the US, I would suggest Don Kelbick in Miami:

He does player development and training. I'm sure he could teach your son a TON in one week. But still, learning must continue and he MUST practice after leaving the training. The skills from the 1 week of training will deteriorate fairly quickly. Basketball skills even deteriorate for most players during the season because they are playing so many games and not practicing as much.

Seems like a lot of work doesn't it? Well the truthfully it is a lot of work. But that's what it takes. So if your son is not passionate about the game and truly want to be great, he won't be. It doesn't matter how much you (as a father) wants it. He has to want it. And he has to go after it and practice when nobody else is around.

Author:  Coach Sar [ 05 Mar 2010, 17:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Summer camp for a 17 yo from Sweden

Web, just e mail him and see what he has to say, he has contacts all around the world.

Author:  WebDoc [ 05 Mar 2010, 17:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Summer camp for a 17 yo from Sweden

Thanks for your reply, Jeff!
I can tell you though that he is doing whatever he can to get better on his own, after practise training, hard physical practise (weights, runnig, shooting, jumping...everything...) but as far as I can understand, he still needs some BASKETBALL coaching. I know that it might be hard to understand that a dedicated and hard working, tall and talanted kid like him is not taken care of by a decent coach, but, unfortunately Sweden is nowere close to the US when it comes to basketball...the culture is just different.
I'll try to see if I can get in touch with Don Kelbick, and see what we can come up with...
My son just need someone to give him some serious practise, and then I think he'll be on is way...
i'll keep you posted!
Thanks for the advices!

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