Proper Shooting Technique
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Author:  eddieflannery20 [ 29 Jan 2019, 07:41 ]
Post subject:  Proper Shooting Technique

I need some help teaching my 12 year old son proper shooting technique. He keeps his elbow in for the most part. His guide hand ends up under the ball which causes him to shoot two handed. His hands are small and he is small so the shot ends up being more of a push shot. Should I be worried about proper form at this age or wait until he is older and stronger?

thanks Eddie

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 29 Jan 2019, 08:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Proper Shooting Technique

I would probably start working on technique at this age or fairly soon. Do shooting form close to the basket. You can start with 1 hand platter shooting. Start at 90 deg angle and work on that final piece of the shot. You can get a good release of the ball for that last part of the shot... you can usually get the rest to work out. Start close to the basket or even at a wall. Get that release down.

I would do one hand platter form shooting for 10-30 reps. Then add two hand form shooting... where they guide hand is next to the ball... it doesn't have to touch the ball but it can.

At least get that foundation down. Then in the next 1 to 24 months, try to get tons of reps to that new and improve technique can be used in games. It's a process and takes dedication.

My son is 11... he is almost always the smallest player out there by far. His base technique is ok and has an ok foundation... he's not shooting with two hands or anything. But definitely some flaws and inconsistencies that need fixed. I tell him that in a year or two he's gonna have to work all summer to tweak his shot. He's just so small right now that I have to wait a couple years for him to grow and get stronger. Some of his teammates are ready but he's not. Hopefully that gives you a little context.

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