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Author:  coolaznando [ 11 Oct 2018, 09:19 ]
Post subject:  Basketball IQ

My son is 13 years old and he is in the 8th grade. I can't complain about his work ethic. He does everything he is suppose to do, but the problem is he doesn't understand basketball. He has no Basketball IQ. I don't know how to teach him basketball IQ and have not found a good coach that can teach him that. I am lost and don't know what to do. To be good at something and to perfect it you have to understand why your doing it and how to use it. He looks good in drills but not in a game. Need your help.

Author:  Coach Rob [ 12 Oct 2018, 10:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Basketball IQ

Can you give some examples of what you see your son doing on the court in a game?

The primary way a player learns bsketball IQ is by experience. The best way I've found to help increase a player's IQ on the court is by putting them in situations with 2v2, 3v3, and just good ole' fashioned pick-up games. No refs, no parents, no coaches, just kids playing together calling their own fouls. Going straight from drills to games isn't going to cut it unless your kid is playing most of the game and feels comfortable making some mistakes out on the court. Those side games can help a lot.

Basketball IQ boils down to a combination of several things. A player continuing to work on their individual skills (increasing confidence so they can make quicker decisions on the court). Hanging with a team during practice and receiving feedback from the coach. Playing in more relaxed settings to gain more court sense experience, and getting more play time in games to practice what they've learned.

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 26 May 2020, 09:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Basketball IQ

Yes . IQ can be taught. Now that you mention it, we probably should write an article about it. Because there can be a lot to it. But it's generally best when kept simple. You don't want players thinking out on the court... they generally should be reacting quickly to situations they are familiar with.

A few suggestions for a player to consider...

- find out what types of cuts and screen s you will be using in your offense. even better, find out what specifc offense you'll be running. Ultimately you need to run the offense they way your coach wants it to be run, but you can learn about the offense in the off season. For example, if there will be lots of ball screens, study ball screens in the off season. Learn some of the primary options on the ball screen and when to use them. There are plenty of resources out there (many of which on our website) to learn about sceens and cuts. Ideally you practice making those reads in live small sided games (2v2, 3v3, 2v,3, etc).

- Find out what defense you'll be running... learn about the defense. Learn fundamental concepts of what it takes to run that defense really well.

- Keep things simple to improve your decision making by seeing where the space is at. If you are wide open, shoot. If you catch the ball and there is space to drive, get in that space to score or hit an open teammate. If the defense is loaded up in good help position, reverse the ball to the opposite side of the court where there's a wide open player. Simple, For the most part, basketball is about spacing and see the space on the court so you can move the ball, force the defense to move, and eventually get a really good shot for your team.

- Along the same lines, if you see the space you'll take care of the ball and make good decisions. Don't pass or dribble the ball into the defense, traffic, or tight space where it can get stolen.

Those are just a couple ideas to learn. The really good trainers will help you with IQ, but from my experience, most trainers are really good but not many work on much IQ. It's lots of isolation skills by yourself with a little bit of decision making off the catch (which is a good thing to work on... but not all trainers do that).

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