JV and Varsity - together or separate?
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Author:  coachmt [ 01 Mar 2018, 08:56 ]
Post subject:  JV and Varsity - together or separate?

We live in a relatively small town. This season the boys varsity team dressed 11-12 kids. Of those, 4-5 never played a single minute. 4 of them were actually JV players just brought up to varsity so they had bodies to practice. They never practice with the JV team. So this left 4 guys at every JV practice.

Of those 4, only 1 was a starter. The JV and Varsity only practiced together a couple times throughout the season. And it was mostly so the JV could act as a scout team.

The Freshman team had roughly 8-9 kids. 3-4 of them would dress for the JV games and maybe play 1 quarter each.

In my opinion, in a program this size, I would have thought the JV and varsity would benefit more from being together. The JV guys would get exposed to tougher kids during practice and you may see better growth throughout the season.

Is this common these days? When I played, jv and varsity were always in the same gym and we scrimmaged a couple times a week for 20 minutes or so. Are things not done this way anymore?

Author:  Coach Rob [ 03 Mar 2018, 15:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: JV and Varsity - together or separate?

It really depends on the size of the school and the coaching philosophy. I've watched varsity coaches pull up JV players just to hang on the bench during games. They never saw the court. Talked with our V coach and the reasoning was anywhere from wanting to light a fire under some of the V players to giving a potential player for next year exposure to the huddles and coach talk.

Regarding practicing together, that happens, but only a few times a year. Usually JV players that show potential are asked to stay over for the V practice.

In your case with such few players, it seems like it would make sense to combine the practices. Maybe the coach is thinking it won't give him the intensity he needs if weaker JV players are hanging out during practice. Dunno.

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