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Author:  desmith7804 [ 21 Nov 2013, 13:28 ]
Post subject:  shot evaluation

Coach Sar you asked that I post some clips of blake now that he is a couple years older to see how he has progressed and I told you I would . here Is a few clips of him over the weekend in live game action, I would like any coaches opinion or observation on how his shot is for his age form and feet placement and everything . he has just turned 13 and is around 5'4 100 lbs and 7th grade. the quality of video Is not the best so my apologies on that . thanks blake is the shooter in every clip.

Author:  Coach Sar [ 21 Nov 2013, 16:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: shot evaluation

Every once in awhile he kicks a foot out in front..... but he is MAKING the shots ... form looks good, nice follow through... and great range for a 13 year old. He can play for me.... if I was still coaching. My assistant used to tell me that he cant understand why all the shooters in the area didn't want to come to our school... you love to see them shoot the 3 ball.

Well, I liked it when they took it to the hole and got the the FT line too... pull up jumpers inside the paint work.... but I hated the 18 foot shot.... take a step back and shoot the 3 balls.

Blake looks like he has come a long way since he was 10? He had great form then too and as I remember, he could shoot the 3 ball then but I suggessted that he wait a year or 2 before he put more work into it.

If you get a chance to show us something in slow motion.... I would like to see that.... but right off the top, I love the results and he looks fundamentally sound. What are your thoughts?

Author:  desmith7804 [ 21 Nov 2013, 22:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: shot evaluation

Coach Sar , my thoughts are for his age and strength he has pretty good form . He is very accurate and even his misses are 95% of the time are not bad misses. By bad misses I mean he is not way off target , usually a little short,long, left or right but they are reboundable misses . He had a coach once that played college ball stress good misses . Said when his college coach first talked about that he thought he was crazy lol but says any shot and miss that we have a legit chance to rebound is a good miss . Said bad shooters usually had bad misses . Clanks off rim , air balls, hits back board Basically unpredictable . .... My observation on Blake is I can almost tell when he shoots if its a miss or make. Usually when he misses to me it's because his feet are to close together. He seems to be a better shooter right now stepping into his shot or dribbling into his shot . He is also accurate in the mid range game as well . He will not blow u away athletically with speed and jumping ability but his strongest ability is shooting and he sees the floor well has a pretty good understanding of the game . And there is one comment that I get about him from every coach he has played under and I love this about him and am proud of him for it and that is he is very COACHABLE . They all say that . I know at some point the shot pocket on his shot will come up more like a boys should be but I'm guessing that is strength and it varies when that will happen from boy to boy . Also one last thing I have noticed and I'm guessing this is strength related also and that is sometimes the shot starts from his left hip and as he brings it up to shot its what I call like a wind up ! Someone once told me at a shooting clinic that was to compensate strength and distance and get more momentum in the shot . Have no clue if that is true or not lol . But that same person also told us Blake had a natural depth perception and withen 2-3 shots he can get it dialed in from about anywhere lol but again this guy may have been blowing smoke .

Author:  Coach Sar [ 22 Nov 2013, 09:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: shot evaluation

I remewmber Blake at 10 and you showeed some video, his form was great and so were the results.... I also remember "suggessting" that he stop shooting the 3 ball until he got older and you telling me that he did.... SO, him not even knowing me listened to my advice..... to me, that's really COACHABLE..... and btw, that comes from you!!

I liked his form at 10 and it still looks good to me now.... I am still trying to figure out why (at times ) he kicks his right foot out? Good misses?? LOL No such thing LOL ..... good shots that don't go in, thats another thing... semantics I guess.
Only seeing the clips you sent, the shots all looked good, make or miss ...... meaning that he took good shots and didn't force anything. Watching him shoot free throws.... his form looked good.

You are probably right about his feet being too close together, that messes with your balance..... think about BEEF.... starting from his left hip and bringing the ball over could be a bad habit. If I was defending him I would just put my hand in his stomach area and then he wouldn't be able to bring the ball to his shooting area (shot pocket) Try this with him... just defend him and put your hand in the middle of his body..... (you can tell him I said that too LOL) maybe he will listen again. Funny that I didn't see any of that in the clips you sent..... He seems to have great range.... 21-23 feet? That boy can shoot it!!

IF you are finding that he is doing a lot of starting from the left before he starts his shot... He really does need to break that habit. I had several kids come from one Jr High shooting that way... its tough to break that habit. I told this one kid ( as a sophomore ) that he needs to break that habit... once you get to the varsity level, they won't allow you to get that shot off..... this kid wouldn't listen, so by the time he was a senior he was shooting the ball with his right hand from his left eye... go figure that one out. He never got to shoot the 3 ball which was his strength... he eneded up taking a lot of pull up jumpers... turned out to be a better shot for him.... Don't let that happen to Blake.

I saw Blake shoot at 10 and he had 3 point range ( was tough for him but he could shoot it ) so I wonder about the strength thing... hes 5.4. He knows where the open spots on the floor are.... he knows how to use screens etc. I don't have a crystal ball, but if its nne, he can play just because he can shoot it.... and every team needs good shooters.

You can teach all the rest,..... he can get quicker as he grows and gets stronger - IF he thought I was saying that he was weak he would be TICKED big time LOL So, I am NOT saying that.... Question.... is he bringing the ball up from his left hip because he was dribbling with his left hand and then crossing over... or dribbling right handed, THEN taking the ball to his left and then back to the right side?? How about a slow motion clip or two? Maybe wiith just you and he working out. ??

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