Passing Drills To Do By Yourself

Here is a great drill to improve your passing and ball control skills.

And you can even practice it by yourself without a partner!

Breakthrough Basketball Camps Instructor Jim Huber takes you through the drill.

As you can see in the video, you simply stand in front of the wall and execute any combination of passes and dribble moves.

Perform any combination...

  • No Dribble Pass
  • No Dribble Pass - Alternating Hands
  • One Dribble - Pass
  • Two Dribbles - Pass
  • One Dribble - Crossover - Pass
  • Double Crossover - Pass
  • Between the Legs - Pass
  • Crossover - Between the Legs - Crossover - Pass
  • Behind the Back Pass
  • Dribble - Behind the Back Pass

Passing off the Move

If you can develop the ability to quickly transition from dribbling on the move into a pass, it gives you the ability to create more scoring opportunities for your team.

That way, if a teammate is open for a split-second, now you can deliver the pass on time before the defender is in a good position. It can be when your teammate is cutting to the basket, coming off a screen on the perimeter, flashing in the post, or any number of situations.

Here are a number of things that you can practice.

Moving laterally

Like shown in the video, you can laterally shuffle back and forth while dribbling and passing.

Moving down the court with dribble moves

If you have 15 to 20 feet of space, you can practice dribbling up to a spot then immediately passing off the wall.

  • Practice different dribble moves
  • You can practice passing out of dribble moves while running down the court.

    This includes the speed dribble, crossover, hesitation, inside-out, behind-the-back, between-the-legs, or any combination of moves.

  • Practice different stops
  • When you come to a stop, it's also important to practice different scenarios.

    After passing, you might immediately slide to the side to avoid a defender and an offensive foul.

    You might immediately quick-stop to get balanced and in control.

    You might use stride stops to or any other stop that you find yourself commonly using in the game.

    Being a Great Passer Opens Up Scoring Lanes For You!

    Now if you become an expert passer, what does the defense have to do?

    They have to close out more aggressively and with more speed on your teammates... and the defense has to stay closer to the person they are guarding.

    This will create more driving lanes for you to attack. It'll make it harder for the defender guarding you because they can't rely on the help defense as much.

    So you're having a tremendous impact on the game by having a great passing skill set.

    Even though some of these effects don't show up in the stats column, coaches notice these things and will play you and recruit you for this sole reason...

    Because you're having an impact on the most important stat which is wins and losses!

    What If Your Coach Doesn't Want You Passing Like That?

    Now don't me wrong, this takes a lot of practice before you can start using this in games and still be effective. Otherwise, you could just be a turnover machine! That's the opposite of what you want.

    So I would definitely practice these skills alone and in pick-up games with friends before trying to do them in live scrimmages or games, unless otherwise instructed by your coach.

    Some coaches will also implement small-sided games to improve one-hand passing during practice.

    During a scrimmage, they might implement a rule where all passes have to be one-handed off the dribble. That way, players get better at applying the skills to game-like situations.

    So you could take the same idea and do this when playing pick up ball.

    Some coaches also have certain rules to prevent turnovers. Some don't allow one-hand passing. Some say to always come to a stop before passing.

    If your coach doesn't want you to use these one-hand passing skills during a game, you should do what's best for your team and listen to your coach!

    However, if your coach has this rule, it's super easy to adapt. You just bring your other hand up to the side of the ball and execute the same pass. You treat your other hand like a guide hand / balance when you shoot the ball. It's just on the side of the ball, so you don't lose control.

    That way, your advanced skill set will stay pay off.

    And when the time comes where you can utilize one-hand passing, you already have the skill set.

    Resources for Better Passing and Dribbling

    Breakthrough Basketball Camps

    Workout Program - Ball Handling, Passing, and Footwork

    What do you think? Let us know by leaving your comments, suggestions, and questions...


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    B Welch says:
    4/23/2020 at 8:07:33 PM

    Thanks for posting this. These are great control and confidence booster drills for all players. As a HS guard in the 1970s, I used to do these for 15-20 min everyday in my basement. I taped 10"x10" squares on the wall at three different heights and aimed for the center with a wide variety of passes and speeds of the throws. It significantly strengthened both weak and strong-hand ball-control and passing skills.


    David Tuengel says:
    4/23/2020 at 1:50:25 PM

    Where is this stuff on a dvd

      1 reply  

    Joe Haefner says:
    4/24/2020 at 10:51:14 AM

    Thanks for the question, David. Currently, these videos are not for sale. We're just posting some as free content.

    However, if you're looking for ball handling, passing, and footwork drills, here are two resources that contain them:

    Attack & Counter Skill Development System -

    Ball Handling & Footwork Workouts -

    Tim Schuring's Becoming a 3-D Scorer -

      1 reply  

    Mason says:
    4/24/2020 at 2:58:33 PM

    When will the camp be in Evansville and Evansville Basketball Academy?

      1 reply  

    Dustin Pierson says:
    4/24/2020 at 3:51:14 PM

    Hi Mason!

    Our camp in Evansville will be August 1st and 2nd, see here:


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