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Newsletter No. 90

NEW Video - 3 Lay Up Shooting Progressions
The following progressions are perfect for teaching the fundamentals of finishing a lay up. They are ideal for beginner players but also work well as a refresher course for older, more advanced players...

10 Golden Rules You Should Apply to Your Basketball Drills
These are things that almost all coaches should be doing. Do you follow all these rules?

New Article From Jeff Haefner's New Coaching Blog - Cutting Down Turnovers, Improving Defense, and Objectively Analyzing Your Game Results
After the game I felt like we lost the rebounding battle and that our offensive execution was really bad. However after compiling the stats and looking at some game film, I realized I was off base! Based on the numbers and reviewing game film, it’s clear that...

Offensive Theory: How to Score More Points by Understanding the Theory and Philosophy Behind Offense
Developing offenses for your team is probably the most visible part of a coach's job. After all, the object of the game is to put the ball in the basket. It is a vehicle that...