Newsletter 46
Take a look at this new, thought-provoking article by Don Kelbick.

Can Golfer Rory McIlroy Help Your Basketball Game And Shooting?

Also, every year we get tons of emails asking us how to motivate players and how to deal with parents. So a few years ago we decided to put together two FREE reports to help you out!

The Ultimate Guide to Motivating Players 36 Ways to Keep Your Players Focused and Working Hard ALL Season Long!

How to Deal with Parents the "Right Way" and Avoid Unpleasant Problems

Here are few of the many things included in the two reports:
  • How to inspire players.
  • Morgan Wooten's surefire sandwich technique.
  • What they learned about coaching from John Wooden's 2,326 discrete acts of teaching.
  • Something so simple, yet sometimes forgotten that makes the difference between your players buying in to your philosophies and complaining behind your back.
  • Evaluation programs that motivate players to play the right way.
  • How to keep the player's excited about practice.
  • How to set the precedence for healthy communication with parents.
  • Sample contracts and constitutions to share with your players.
  • How to calmly handle blowouts.
We hope the reports help prepare you for successful season next year!