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Newsletter No. 38
New Drill - Hit the Floor Rebounding
This is one of the best drills you'll fine for rebounding and getting players to box out...

How to Defend and Stop the Dribble Drive
The dribble drive has been quite the craze over the last few years. Due to its success, we often...

Video Icon Outlawing Youth Zone Defenses
If you watched this Stan Van Gundy video below from our last article, you'll remember that Stan also doesn't like zone defense at the youth level...

Perspective - Coaching Inbreeding and Being Yourself
Check out this very unique perspective on coaching from a 30+ year coaching veteran.

Transition Pick and Roll Play - From NBA Coach Del Harris
This is a super simple play that NBA coach Del Harris likes to use for the pick and roll in transition, because the screener...

Kansas City Skills Clinic - January & February
This is a 5 week clinic that will feature individual skill work, team tactical skills, and character development.


How to Defend and Stop the Dribble Drive

Tips for Setting Up Youth Club

How To Handle Overconfident Team

Recommended DVDs for 4th & 5th Graders

Creating Your Own Shot

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Rec League Rules

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Perspective - Coaching Inbreeding and Being Yourself

I have coached basketball since I have graduated college, in 1977. I stepped away from the sideline twice in that period. The second time was to do what I am doing now, training players. The first time was after 18 years of coaching, travel and recruiting. I felt I needed to regain some perspective on what I was doing and why.